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Aura comes with three light patterns to reflect your style. One shimmers like an active diamond. Another gently glides through the colors of the rainbow. A third elegantly sparkles based on your motion. With a simple gesture, you can change each animation's brightness and behavior match your look and mood.


Aura has a battery that is rechargeable via USB. It has a life of up to ten hours when shimmering continuously at full brightness.

Via the USB, Aura is also upgradable. As we create novel light patterns in the future, you’ll be able to keep your style progressive.


Aura has a sensor inside that allows you to easily set its brightness with a simple back and forth gesture. An uncomplicated button on the side lets you easily turn the piece on and off and to select from several light patterns. Some light patterns can have their behavior changed with a simple left to right gesture.



20.5mm wide x 38.5mm tall x 5.8mm deep
0.8in wide x 1.5in tall x 0.23in deep

Weights vary depending on metal.

Bronze: 13.8g / 0.49oz
Sterling Silver: 13.4g / 0.47oz
14K Gold: About 14g / 0.50oz


BATTERY LIFE = 10 hours @ maximum brightness


Do not wet or immerse in water. Metal may oxidize naturally over time



If your Aura Jewel is off, click the button once to turn it on. To turn Aura off, click and hold the button for about 4 seconds. Aura remembers your settings, so the next time you turn it on it will start where it left off.

Switching between Animations

Aura comes with three different animations. When Aura is on you can switch between animations by simply clicking the button once. You will see one animation fade out and the other one will fade in.

The three animations that your Aura comes with are: 1) Bright like a diamond - Aura twinkles like a star or diamond. 2) Over the rainbow - Aura picks a path across the colors of the rainbow and gently walks through them. Each time a path is finished, a new path is chosen. 3) Bling - The bling animation is a motion sensitive one. Your Aura will responds to movement releasing sparkles based on the amount and frequency of motion.

Adjusting the Brightness

You can adjust the brightness of your Aura with a simple motion. Double-click Aura’s button and you’ll see the light quickly blink in a pink color. Once you see this, you can then gently tilt your Aura up to make it brighter or down to make it dimmer. When you have the brightness you like, click the button once. You’ll see the light quickly blink in a cyan color and the last animation playing will start again at the new brightness.

Each animation has its own brightness setting so you can set them to match your mood, style, and ambiance.

Customizing the Animation

Each animation has a characteristic that you can customize. To adjust the animation, double click the button just like you would to adjust the brightness. Instead of moving Aura up and down to change the brightness, move it left and right. When you are happy with how the animation is behaving, click the button once and your setting will be remembered.

The ‘Bright like a Diamond’ animation allows you to control the main diamond color. Tilting Aura left or right in the customization mode will cycle through different colors. Stop at the main color you like and click the button to set it.

The ‘Over the rainbow’ animation, allows you to control the speed at which it walks over the rainbow - from one minute per cycle up to ten minutes per cycle. In the customization mode, tilt Aura to the left to lengthen the cycle time or tilt it right to shorten it. When you are happy with the setting, click the button once to set it.

The Bling animation allows you to set the sensitivity that triggers sparkles. Tilt Aura to the left to make Aura less sensitive to motion or tilt it to the right to make it more sensitive. When you are happy with the setting, click the button once to set it.

Low Battery Indication

When Aura’s battery is running low, the jewel will go into a slow ‘breathing mode’ to indicate that the battery needs to be recharged. The brightness of the breathing will continually become dimmer and Aura will ultimately put itself to sleep. When this happens, simply recharge your Aura via the USB port.

Resetting Aura

If you want to reset Aura to its factory default settings, click the button three times and then hold it for about four seconds. Aura will respond by blinking the light red-green-blue three times and will then reset all settings. The next time you turn the jewel on it will contain the settings Aura was shipped with.


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Our intent with Aura was to create a traditional pendant that holistically uses classic and innovative materials to make you stand out and feel proud. Customizability was front and center in our design thinking because we know how important each person’s individuality is. Aura was designed in a way that it can be customized in numerous ways to match each individual's style.

Aura is designed and manufactured entirely in California by experts in the jewelry and electronics industry. Aura is produced in small batches with the utmost care given to each piece.

Aura is elegant and of high quality. Each piece's body is made of at least 13 grams of gold, sterling silver or bronze and is hand cast by an artisan goldsmith. The circuit board is made of superior materials and is gold plated underneath. And the light source we use is crisp, beautiful, efficient and engaging.